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Narendra Modi speech in Himachal Pradesh

Currently reading: Narendra Modi speech in Himachal Pradesh
[Updated:08 November 2017 23:37]
Narendra Modi speech in Himachal Pradesh

PM Modi Rally

On Sunday Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech against corruption at a rally in Himachal Pradesh, He said that 'congress cannot scare me by burning effigies and this move of congress will not stop him to fight against corruption and illegal money. In his statements, he also accused former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of not going for demonetization when needed and put her party's interest first and she should have initiated the step years ago. 
Modi criticized the congress government for its past records and stated that 'corruption has become the synonym of Congress' and people will punish congress for looting the country. The anger of the public is coming out against poor law and order, corruption and for protection of women. 
Congress has nothing to do in coming days except for grieve on the anniversary of demonetization on 8th November. Congress have problem with every policy BJP make whether it is demonetization or implying of GST. Congress leaders cannot bear this, so they are attacking. Modi also stated that unlike congress his government is taking steps for tackling illegal money.
Modi was also seen speaking about Benami properties. Regarding which his statement was ' the government will not spare those holding Benami properties' and also accused congress of holding the Benami property  in cold storage for over 30 years.
Modi said that this year's elections are important as everybody knows in which way the wind is blowing.