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Hafiz Saeed's Political Ambition Hits Roadblock

Currently reading: Hafiz Saeed's Political Ambition Hits Roadblock
[Updated:11 October 2017 21:24]
Hafiz Saeed

Election Commmision of Pakistan didn't accept the application for recognition by the party of Hafiz Saeed.

Election Commission of Pakistan has put an end to the political dreams of terrorist Hafiz Saeed. 

ECP declined from providing recognition to Milli Muslim League (MML), an offshoot of the banned terrorist outfit Jamat-ud-Dawah (JuD).

The party is headed by Saifullah Khalid. The role planned by the party for Saeed is unclear. The United Nations has declared JuD a cover-up organisation for Lashkar-e-Taiba, a terrorist group founded by Hafiz Saeed.

ECP had asked MML to get a cleaarence from the interior ministry in order to get the cleaarence. But the ministry denied the clearence to the party. In communication to ECL, the ministry asked to not provide MML the clearence as it has ties to baanned terrorist groups. 

Eying the political instability in the country after the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was convicted in the Panama Papers case, MML was formed by Hafiz Saeed. Hafiz Saeed has a bounty of $10 million by US. 

It was reported widely that Hafiz Saeed is looking to capitalise on the persisting political crisis and wants to fight elections in Pakistan. Soon after the Pakistan media reported the formation of MML by Saeed. This posed a threat to the democratic structure of Pakistan. 

In order to field candidates and fight the election, MML required this clearence from ECP.

By: Subodh Mishra